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Linux Dax

1-4 vCore
1 GB memory
10 GB disk

$ 6.99 /mo

$ 2.00 setup fee

Linux Jay

1-4 vCore
1 GB memory
20 GB disk

$ 7.59 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Eto

1-4 vCore
2 GB memory
20 GB disk

$ 8.29 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Kai

1-4 vCore
2 GB memory
40 GB disk

$ 10.39 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Gisk

1-4 vCore
4 GB memory
40 GB disk

$ 14.79 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Nya

1-4 vCore
4 GB memory
80 GB disk

$ 19.19 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Titan

1-4 vCore
8 GB memory
80 GB disk

$ 27.99 /mo

No setup fee

Linux Wu

1-4 vCore
8 GB memory
160 GB disk

$ 36.79 /mo

No setup fee

Prices shown exclude VAT.

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vps hosting

VPS Hosting

Everything you need
in one service


Virtual Private Servers
built for the growing needs

Speed optimized servers

Our clients will get the complete advantage of their allocated resources with high performance.

Full root control

Keep full control and configure your VPS Hosting server to your needs easily and efficiently.

VPS Expert support team

We are always here to assist you. Get help and advice from our technical VPS team anytime.

IPv6 support

Our VPS hosting plans are fully packed with dedicated IPv6 Internet protocol.

Unlimited traffic

All packages we offer contain unlimited data flow so you won’t have to worry about having a larger scale of it after a well-done ad campaign.

Upgrade anytime

You can easily increase RAM, CPU, and storage with VPS seamless upgrades.


Choose what suits you the best


Lightweight enterprise-level operating systems that aims for speed and stability, without cutting out security.


Significant speed benefits, bug tracking systems, and multiple architectures make it flexible and reliable.


One of the top pick for web servers. Ideal for for every online project or users that want a flexible and stable environment. 


Community owned and governed, free enterprise Linux distribution, focused on long-term stability, providing a robust platform.

Create your own VPS Hosting

Our VPS Expert are here to help you whenever you need.

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The availability and the price/value ratio is among the top at XetHost!”

Zoltan Györkei on Google

“XetHost could be worth checking out if you’re looking for a Hungarian
provider of affordable VPS Hosting

Gwen Rodgers from Website Planet

Your trust is our biggest commitment

Our goal is to give you the best service while keeping it cost effective.
Our clients always our top priority.

99.9% uptime

14 days money-back

48 hours delivery

Hosted from the heart of Europe,
in Budapest

Server room at 18-22 Victor Hugo u., Budapest, Hungary.


We accept 50+ cryptocurrencies


Frequently asked questions
about VPS Hosting

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

ncreasing your VPS’s network speed from 100mbit/s to 200mbit/s should not directly affect the ping (latency) in most cases. Ping is primarily a measure of the round-trip time it takes for data to travel from your device to the VPS server and back. Latency is influenced by several factors, but the network speed itself (in this case, the bandwidth from 100mbit/s to 200mbit/s) is not one of the main factors affecting ping.

Factors that can affect ping include:

Distance : The physical distance between your VPS server and your location can impact ping. The farther the data has to travel, the higher the latency.

Network Congestion : If there’s significant network congestion or heavy traffic on the route between your device and the server, it can increase latency.

Server Load : If the VPS server is heavily loaded with other tasks or has high CPU/memory usage, it can affect response times, including ping times.

Routing : The path data takes through the internet can affect latency. Some routes may be more direct and have lower latency, while others may be less direct and result in higher latency.

Increasing the network speed from 100mbit/s to 200mbit/s is about increasing the available bandwidth for data transfer. It can improve the capacity for handling larger data loads or multiple

connections simultaneously but won’t necessarily impact the fundamental latency. If you’re experiencing high latency (ping times), you may want to investigate the factors mentioned above and consider

optimizing your server’s location, network configuration, or choosing a server with better overall performance to reduce latency.

Absolutely. If you do not order a yearly, but a monthly package, there is no loyalty period. So if you decide after the first month that you do not want to use the service, you can easily cancel it.

If you plan the long-term use of the VPS, in case of quality problems you can get your money back within 14 days of placing your order and in this case you have the possibility to cancel your subscription.

We provide our services from Hungary. The server room can be found at 18-22 Victor Hugo Street, Budapest.

VPSs can be used for any task apart from a few exceptions. Certain activities are not allowed due to legal concerns or other risks. Not permitted activities:
  •     Distribution of any material in breach of copyright laws
  •     Distribution of malicious software
  •     Participation in a networked attack (e.g. DDoS)
  •     Operation of a torrent tracker or torrent seed server
  •     Participation in the distribution of spam
  •     In general, any activity in breach of the Criminal Code of Hungary or any other illegal activity
If you have doubts whether the VPS is appropriate for the task you want to use it for, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find you an answer!

The resources of the VPS (memory, processor, and disc) can be extended in a flexible way any time, when there is a need for it. Due to the extension, the VPS has to be restarted, the date and time of the reboot will be arranged in advance. The monthly cost will change according to the extent of the extension.

Yes, You may specify it during the order at the line “IP reverse“. If You’d like to change your actual reverse entry later, just write us a mail and our administrators will perform the necessary configurations.

We accept a huge variety of digital currencies. We accept XRP (XRP) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) TRON (TRX) Nano (NANO) DASH (DASH)  and more. See the full list of supported currencies here.

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