SMTP Service

Secure your emails right away anywhere simply

smtp service

SMTP Service

Keep your emails
secure, anywhere

Nowadays we travel more and more. Thanks to the opportunities given by mobile internet and free Wi-Fi hotspots we can access our mail practically from everywhere.

In order to be able to send as well, You’d have to set the actual ISP’s SMTP in each network. Without that You won’t be able to send mails with your mail-client. This can be even more annoying at public places (McDonald’s, malls, pubs) since there the provider’s SMTP is unknown.


For mobility a good SMTP service is essential. Don’t keep your customers waiting for your response! Send mails instantly from any device.

Easy configuration

You have to set the user data in your email client only once, and You can start sending emails right away! Our support team are happy to help.

Use it right away

The setup of your SMTP access id fully automated from the order to the delivery of your user data. Not even time zone difference matters!

$ 2.99 / year


Instant SMTP solution for private mail sending or testing

900 email
monthly outgoing limit

30 email
daily outgoing limit

domain / e-mail address

$ 21.99 / year


Perfect solution for general business needs recommended up to 5 users

6000 email
monthly outgoing limit

200 email
daily outgoing limit

domain / e-mail address

$ 28.99 / year


Ideal choice for businesses with more than 5 users

30 000 email
monthly outgoing limit

1000 email
daily outgoing limit

domain / e-mail address



If You’d like to send a big amount of emails

monthly outgoing limit

daily outgoing limit

domain / e-mail address

Prices shown exclude VAT.


We accept 50+ cryptocurrencies


Frequently asked questions
about SMTP service

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

After the settlement of the order, our system will send You detailed information on the configuration of the service.If You’d like to know more or have questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

We reached a new milestone in the war against spams. For better delivery rate we introduced DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) cryptographic signature. It means that all emails sent from us with our SMTP service are being digitally signed prior to sending, thus increasing their authenticity

AWhen the mailserver of the recipient gets the digitally signed mail from us, it accepts that more easily, takes it as spam less likely, so it’s much more sure that your important mail will reach it’s destination.

In everyday use it means, that from now on emails sent to eg. addresses will reach their destination much quicker and at a much higher success rate, because Google also has a higher trust in DKIM-signed mails.(The DKIM signature resides in the technical header of the mail, thus not visible at reading, has no visual appearance. It’s understood only by the providers’ mailservers and only the servers see the signature.) 

If you are using a third-party email service (typically gmail, freemail, etc.) and you want to use this account as a sender for your mail, you will almost certainly have problems receiving mail. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do in this case. has tightened its mail acceptance rules and will reject domains with incorrect SPF records. However, we don’t see much chance that e.g. the Gmail provider will include any external SMTP provider’s data in the SPF records of its domain (including ours) 🙁

The only solution is to use the SMTP server of to send mail to or the web interface of gmail.

On the other hand, if you have your own domain name, you can add our SPF record in its settings and use that domain name as sender to use our SMTP service.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, we can also help you to create one and take care of all the administration.

Our SMTP service can be applied in many cases. For a website (if the website supports SMTP e-mail sending), for a server, for an e-mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook), for a mobile phone, etc.

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