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Autó Pult
Autó Pult is hosted since the very beginning, for almost 5 years by XetHost. Not just their stable availability, but their exepcionally quick reaction time in case of problems and enquires contributed to the evolution of an automotive magazine, which is now considered the most professional and one of the biggest of its kind in Hungary. They adapted to the immersly groving needs and they still provide a stable, secure background for our website.

Péter Szabó, Autó Pult - autopult.hu


With the help of XetHost I could get the desired domain address in a few hours, didn’t have to struggle with it for days, furthermore they have the friendliest prices. I can fully leave the operation of my web pages in their care. Their many years of experience guaraties all, I only have to take care of the content. If I get stuck, they always come up with a solution. I’ve never been dissapointed in them!

Armand Hilgier, GameLime.hu chief editor


At my previous provider the monthly data traffic was limited to a strict amount. Besides that they had unexpected shutdowns several times, especially around the end of the month – that mad me and my visitors upset. At XetHost all these problems are gone, the site is quick and I don’t have to worry, weather I cross a limit that would make the service unavailable. My site is in good hands, my visitors can access it quickly. I really like the performance of XetHost web hosting, and I’m glad that I’ve chosen them. I can only recommend!

Antal Körmöczy, VajdaságMet


Perfect technical background, and experienced professionals. All these for a great price!

Tamás Kuzmics, VPS service


As an entrepreneur it’s important to have a reliable background behind my work. I’ve been satisfied with XetHost for more than 5 years, and I recommend them to all my partners and clients, who search for a reliable hosting provider.

Bence Dohar, VPS service

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