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Linux Centauri512 MB 1 core
(2.00 Ghz)
10 GB
$ 4.99 /month
$ 2.00 setup fee
Linux Minbari1 GB 1 core
(2.00 Ghz)
20 GB
$ 7.59 /month
No setup fee
Linux Shadows2 GB 1 core
(2.00 Ghz)
40 GB
$ 12.79 /month
No setup fee
Linux Vorlon4 GB 1 core
(2.00 Ghz)
80 GB
$ 20.49 /month
No setup fee
Linux Tardis8 GB 1 core
(2.00 Ghz)
160 GB
$ 43.99 /month
No setup fee
Unique Config2-16 GB 1-8 db vCore 40-200 GB SAS, SSD
Build your own VPS

Do you need other configuration?Build your own VPS

Unlimited data traffic

We provide unlimited data traffic with all our packages, so You don’t have to worry, if your server’s traffic increases due to a successful advertisement campaign!


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Frequently asked questions

Here’s a guideline for how much RAM you’ll need for the following software:

Minimum – Recommended
LAMP server   – 512 MB  – 1024 MB
Drupal       512 MB  – 1024 MB
Joomla       512 MB  – 1024 MB
Magento      2048 MB8192 MB
Ruby on Rails512 MB  – 1024 MB

Apart from a few exceptions, VPSs can be used for anything. Some activities are prohibited by the law or because of their other risks. These prohibited activities are:
  • Distribution of any kind of material that violates copyrights
  • Distribution of malicious software
  • Any kind of participation in network attacks (eg. DDoS)
  • Running torrent tracker or torrent seed server
  • Participation in distribution of unsolicited mails (spam)
  • Generally any kind of activities, that violates the Hungarian Criminal Code (BTK – Büntető Törvénykönyv)

Yes, You may specify it during the order at the line “IP reverse“. If You’d like to change your actual reverse entry later, just write us a mail and our administrators will perform the necessary configurations.

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