Dedicated Servers in Hungary

With it you won’t need investment costs but still you will have a great deal of source of energy! And all these you can have without loyalty time for a fixed monthly fee.


We take care of the maintance

We exchange your machine for a working one within 24 hours instead of your having to buy new parts in it.

Loyalty time? Forget it.

Are you annoyed when signing a loyalty contract of at least 1 year?
You can get rid of this obligation with us since our shortest option for subscription is 1 month!

Intel J3455 MiniServer 3TBIntel Celeron J3455
(1.50 GHz)
4 GB 1 x 3 TB (HDD)
$ 63.99 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee
HP MicroServer G8Intel Celeron G1610T
(2.30 GHz)
4 GB 1 x 180 GB (SSD)
$ 69.00 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee
HP Core i5-2400 ServerIntel i5-2400
(3.10 GHz)
4 GB 1 x 120 GB (SSD)
$ 74.74 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee
Dell C6220 II ServerIntel Xeon E5-2660 V2
(2.20 Ghz)
8 GB 2 x 250 GB (SSD)
$ 99.50 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee
HP Z230 ServerIntel Xeon E3-1280 v3
(3.60 GHz)
8 GB 2 x 240 GB (SSD)
$ 99.50 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee
HP SL230S ServerIntel Xeon E5-2670
(2.60 Ghz)
128 GB 4 x 1 TB (SSD)
$ 305.00 /month
$ 20.00 setup fee

100-200 Mbit/s bandwidth

Hungarian data center

65 536 IPv6 address (/112)

1-4 IPv4 address

Unlimited traffic

All packages we offer contain unlimited data flow so you won’t have to worry about having a larger scale of it after a well-done ad campaign.

Our special offer!

Buy your dedicated server and we give you a VPS for 50% off – you can use it e.g. for backup! You will find more details by clicking Order

Quick commencement for operation

We hand over your server you ordered within 24 hours on settling the fee collection paper.

Operation Systems

Choose from: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.


In case you are not aware what kind of system would be the best match to your needs do not hesitate to contact us. Our qualified experts will help you deciding on it.


Our Dedicated servers are stored in a server room at 18-22 Victor Hugo u., Budapest, Hungary.

Empovering developers behind businesses from big to small

Apart from a few exceptions, VPSs can be used for anything.
Some activities are prohibited by the law or because of their other risks. These prohibited activities are:
– Distribution of any kind of material that violates copyrights
– Distribution of malicious software
– Any kind of participation in network attacks (eg. DDoS)
– Running torrent tracker or torrent seed server
– Participation in distribution of unsolicited mails (spam)
– Generally any kind of activities, that violates the Hungarian Criminal Code (BTK – Büntető Törvénykönyv)
– any other illegal activities

If You are not sure, whether the VPS is appropriate for the task You’d like to use it for, write us a mail and we’ll help You with the answer.

Yes, You may specify it during the order at the line “IP reverse“. If You’d like to change your actual reverse entry later, just write us a mail and our administrators will perform the necessary configurations.

We accept a huge variety of digital currencies. We accept XRP (XRP) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) TRON (TRX) Nano (NANO) DASH (DASH) Stellar (XLM) Dai (DAI) StableUSD (USDS) TrueUSD (TUSD) Bitcoin SV (BSV) Zcash (ZEC) EOS (EOS) Ethereum Classic (ETC) Dogecoin (DOGE) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Telcoin (TEL) BitTorrent (BTT) Augur (REP) Golem (GNT) DigixDAO (DGD) Wings DAO (WINGS) iEx.ec (RLC) Decred (DCR) Aragon (ANT) Bancor Network Token (BNT) Civic (CVC) TenXPay (PAY) OmiseGo (OMG) Monaco (MCO) 0x Protocol Token (ZRX) Qtum Ignition (QTUM) Storj (STORJ) FunFair (FUN) Salt (SALT) Bitcoin Gold (BTG) DigiByte (DGB) district0x (DNT) Power Ledger (POWR) Populous (PPT) Bread (BRD) Noah (NOAH) Binance token (BNB) Polymath (POLY) Kyber Network (KNC) Mithril (MITH) Link (LINK).

Did you mean less source of energy?

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