- to always get your emails

Don’t You lose any of your e-mail orders!

Do You wander what happens to the important mails sent to You in case your e-mail server is down? In good cases the sender receives an error message; in the worse it’s lost forever!

Imagine, that it happens when a new potential business partner would like to ask for an offer, and he receives a single error message, that his mail couldn’t reach You! Or the worst case, when he doesn’t even receive anything, he’s waiting and waiting for your response. After being bored of waiting, he contacts your competitor – meanwhile You know nothing about the whole story, as your mail-system was down, when he sent You the e-mail! Surely You admit, that it would reflect badly on your business’ reputation!

Would You like to avoid such scenarios? If yes, our BackupMX solution has been developed for You!


What is this service?

BackupMX by its operation is a temporary mailstore system, that receives and stores your e-mails as long as your mail server is down and unreachable.

This way, your e-mails will never be lost!

How does it work?

Our system is fully automated: as your mail server becomes unreachable, it takes its place immediately! Besides it monitors the status of your server, and if that becomes operational again, BackupMX delivers your stored emails right away.

Is it difficult to set up?

No. It only needs a few new MX records in the DNS of your particular domain.
(If You don’t know what the above is about, don’t be scared: We’ll help You with the appropriate settings!)

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When may I need this?
What is the extra i get compared to other similar providers?
Does the service affect my current mail-system?
How does the setup go, who can i turn to for help?

Choose how many domains’ mailing would You like to use the service for:

Hint: You get the highest discount with the 3-year subscription!

For 1 domain's mailing

$12 / year

  • If You have one domain name You use for mailing with your customers, then You need this
  • SLA: 99.99%

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For 5 domains' mailing

$45 / year

  • If You have more domains already (eg: .com, .eu, etc.), this is what You need
  • SLA: 99.99%

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You need more?

Special offer

  • For resellers or those, who’d like to use our services with more than 5 domains
  • SLA: 99.99%

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Out BackupMX servers are located in the United Kingdom, in the USA and in Hungary.

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