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We are working for You, so your IT can reach the clouds.

Don’t You like commitments?
We know that You need custom solutions as well to reach your goals. That is the reason why we don’t force You in price packages.

If You don’t find the one that suits You, if You are not sure what exactly You need, don’t hesitate: ask us for technical advice!

You need a prompt solution?
You need web hosting urgently? It’s not an issue for us! Our system makes it possible for You to start using your store immediately without waiting. At the end of your order You may pay off the service fee with a credit card. Our system perceives the payment and creates your web hosting immediately. You can start using it! It’s that simple!

Would you like to grow?
And not thinking about, whether your prospective hosting-provider can properly support You with that? If you choose us, You don’t have to worry about it! All our services are customizable: as your business’ size and needs grow, we can provide the appropriate solutions for You!

Why us?
If You order at us, it’s not only a professional service You get, You’ll also be a member of an exclusive club, that’s available solely for XetHost Customers.
At first glance other provider’s technical parameters may gain up to XetHost’s capabilities, but they can’t provide the unique professionalism and knowledge we deliver to XetHost Customers.

Scaleable. Stable. Superfast VPS hosting.

Linux Centauri

$ 4.99 / month

  • 512 MB memory (RAM)
  • 1 CPU Core (2.00 Ghz)
  • 10 GB disk (SAS or SSD)

Details here

Linux Minbari

$ 7.59 / month

  • 1 GB memory (RAM)
  • 1 CPU Core (2.00 Ghz)
  • 20 GB disk (SAS or SSD)

Details here

Linux Shadows

$ 12.79 / month

  • 2 GB memory (RAM)
  • 1 CPU Core (2.00 Ghz)
  • 40 GB disk (SAS or SSD)

Details here

Linux Vorlon

$ 23.19 / month

  • 4 GB memory (RAM)
  • 1 CPU Core (2.00 Ghz)
  • 80 GB disk (SAS or SSD)

Details here

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A few words about a few services of ours

Linux VPS
We have developed it for the growing needs of your business. The next level after web hosting. It enables You to increase the standard of your business and your webshop will be able to serve your customers even during a huge advertising campaign! Interested in the next level? Click here for details!
You make a good decision if You pick from our ASAP hosting packages as there’s no waiting for anyone or anything, after the quick checkout it’s instantly accessible! Want more details? Click here!
BackupMX service
If You contact your partners via email, and your orders arrive through this communication channel as well, then this service is what You need, so that You won’t lose a single important email!
Have You ever lost an email? The solution is only one click away!

They’ve already made the good decision

  • As an entrepreneur it’s important to have a reliable background behind my work. I’ve been satisfied with XetHost for more than 4 years, and I recommend them to all my partners and clients, who search for a reliable hosting provider.

  • With the help of XetHost I could get the desired domain address in a few hours, didn’t have to struggle with it for days, furthermore they have the friendliest prices. I can fully leave the operation of my web pages in their care. Their many years of experience guaraties all, I only have to take care of the content. If I get stuck, they always come up with a solution. I’ve never been dissapointed in them!

  • Perfect technical background, and experienced professionals. All these for a great price!

    Tamás KuzmicsVPS service
  • At my previous provider the monthly data traffic was limited to a strict amount. Besides that they had unexpected shutdowns several times, especially around the end of the month – that mad me and my visitors upset. At XetHost all these problems are gone, the site is quick and I don’t have to worry, weather I cross a limit that would make the service unavailable. My site is in good hands, my visitors can access it quickly. I really like the performance of XetHost web hosting, and I’m glad that I’ve chosen them. I can only recommend!

    Antal KörmöczyVajdaságMet